Ivana – Stara Istorija

Published on 30.05.2016 by admin

From Ivana’s musical movie Vsichko e lubov (It’s All Love)
Old Story

Your mark is burning in my soul,
I’m scarcely alive.
It’s been so long now that I repeat to myself
These words every evening:
You are history, just an old story,
I’m not thinking of you anymore.

I’m alive and still I’m not;
I’m whole and still I’m not.
I’m a forbidden love by now.
I’m different and still I’m not,
I belong to somebody else, but still I don’t.
I can be anything but yours.

You’re in my each and every thought.
I breathed and I lived with you.
I wanted to hate you,
I wanted but I’m not able you,
I felt alive only near you.

Why, oh why the same thing happens to me every time.
Why have I done another mistake and here I am alone again?

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